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Brand Introduction
Nihon Dempa, Kogyo, Co., Ltd. (NDK) since its establishment in 1948, has always been uphold the "through customer service, for social prosperity and world peace to contribute" business philosophy. NDK quartz crystal devices provide high precision and high performance oscillation source for crystal elements. With the advent of the ubiquitous network era, the company's crystal devices are widely used in mobile communications and fixed wireless communications to office automation, audio-visual and automotive electronic equipment and other applications. With its high precision, high reliability and compact crystal device series, NDK meets the new generation needs of today's customers and has grown into the world's leading manufacturer of quartz crystal devices. NDK uphold the unique "quality, speed and cost" concept, determined to become a technology leader and the industry's most trusted brand customers.
Product Series
Sensors, radio frequency, /IF and RFID, crystals and oscillators
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, lighting, electronics, portable devices, communications / Networking Industry / Automation
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In May 19th, the Wall Street Journal reported that a Beijing official said high Qualcomm was more optimistic about the prospect of the acquisition of NJI.
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